Thames Seal And Thames Clipper

September 2018

Thames Lens Photography Competition 2018 Overall Winner

The Line:

I went down to Blackwell Point hoping to capture some of the numerous birds that gather there at low tide, and maybe, just maybe a seal, I knew it was possible. As I approached the numerous birds flew away including the herons, however there it was, a lone seal resting in the morning sun. I moved slowly so it did not see me as a threat and gradually tried to get as close as I could without alarming it, or putting myself in danger.

This approach allowed me to try different compositions, my favourite being the shot I took with the Thames Clipper, here the juxtaposition of unusual and relatively new wildlife, transportation, construction, new apartments and business spaces presents a compelling view of life on the River Thames.

Since winning the Thames Lens Photography Competition this photograph has been used by The Port of London Authority, Thames Clippers, Thames21 and The Line.

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