Welcome to Bill Green Photography.

There are essentially two sides to my work, I photograph the built environment and people.

The Thames and it`s surrounding iconic architecture has been my main inspiration since 1999. My aim is to create dynamic images showing the mix of historic and post-modern buildings and to record the rapid transitions taking place in this landscape. The Docklands offer a more modern landscape surrounded by shining steel and glass towers in a setting where the water is static making the reflections stronger.

Many of my assignments involve photographing people however. My aim is to produce natural portraits where the subject appears relaxed and comfortable being photographed, this process can take longer than you would expect but the end result should make it worthwhile. I use portable studio lighting for formal portraits.

framed prints

Recent commissions include:

  • Photographing numerous locations for Lewisham Council Planning Department, these were used to make a photo book.
  • The River Ravensbourne from Deptford Creek to Ladywell Fields for The European River Corridor Improvement Plan.
  • Website photos and staff/student portraits for Beckmead Family of Schools.
  • Framed Prints for communal areas of a historic East London warehouse apartment block.
  • Website photos and studio photoshoots for prangsta costumiers.
  • Personnel and trustees portraits for The National Council of Palliative Care.


Bill Green Photography has won the following awards:

  • First round winner of the Time Out and Samsung Photography Competition ‘Share Your Now, London vs New York’. 2013
  • Winner of The Blenheim Palace Photography Competition 2012 ‘What Makes Britain Great’ selected from one thousand entries.
  • Twice finalist in the BBC London Live Photography Competitions 2000 and 2002, included in exhibitions of the best photographs of London in the GLC Building and The London Transport Museum respectively.

photography competitions