Vauxhall And Nine Elms Panorama

April 2014

This is the location of the proposed and much talked about "Gotham City Skyline". If current building plans go ahead there will be there will be twelve more towers visible on the left hand side of this view. One of these will be taller than The Vauxhall Tower with 58 floors at 203 mitres as oppose to the 53 floors (180 mitres) of Vauxhall Tower which is currently the tallest residential building in Northern Europe.

The cranes towards the centre are part of the Nine Elms development. Battersea Power Station in the centre, Millbank Tower and Vauxhall Bridge occupy the right hand side of this image. I had not set out to take photos on this evening but was on my way to the pub. On seeing this sky I changed my plans, London had been covered in smog for three days prior to this, a mixture of dust from the Sahara Desert and pollution from traffic fumes. As the sun set the sky opened to reveal this complex layered cloud formation.

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